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It's getting a little cooler h
ere in Texas...WooHoo!!!
  • Water deeply in early morning, or evening, and needed.  Hopefully, with the rain chances increasing, you won't need to as often.

  • It's time to apply pre-emergent for weeds.  I suggest Nature's Creation Corn Gluten MealYou'll feel like you've walked through a yellow cloud, but you do get great coverage.  Timing is important...Apply, water in a bit with your sprinkler system or time it with rain, and let it stay dry a few days after.

  • Fertilize your lawn and flowerbeds with Nature's Creation Fertilizer approximately 2 weeks or so after your pre-emergent treatment.  Water in.

  • Contine to fertilize your planters this month 2x/month, at 1/2 strength.  I use Garrett Juice Plus.

  • It's time to make your landscape dreams come true!  It's a great time to plant!

Check out Parker County Master Gardeners website for
great plant ideas and tips.

What "To Do" in the Garden this Month:













I'm always amazed at how much there is to do in the garden, and so many times I feel a bit

overwhelmed with what I want to do versus what I can do.  So, I make a list.  

Lists are great; I absolutely love them! 

But, always remember that God ordains our steps and His way will always be best.

I love to use the Dirt Doctor's "What to Do" as a guide

Here is a link to the calendar pages:

Another great resource is Robert "Skip" Richter's book,

Month-By-Month Gardening: Texas.

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