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I just love Naples Soap Company and I know you will too!  I discovered them while on vacation in Destin, Florida, several years ago and I have been using their products ever since.

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Bee Bella lip balms...
Love those lips and the bees too!

Each lip balm is hand-crafted and poured by the beekeepers themselves.  Bee Bella sources organic ingredients and provides funding to honey bee research.

These lip balms are not only larger than many others, they also come in a lovely bamboo tube.  A great treat for yourself and gift for that someone special!

Naples' Bath Bombs contain shea butter and espsom salts to moisturize your skin and ease those sore muscles after a hard day in the garden.  And, they're safe to use in your jet tub.

Naples' Loofah Soaps...Scrub, scrub, scrub with their natural vegetable glycerin soap saturated into a natural loofah.  The fragrances are out of this world!

And, how about a Naples' Shower Bomb!  Let the moisture in your shower release aromatherapeutic fragrances to shower away the stress of your day.

Naples' Sea Salt Scrubs and Body Butters are now available!!!  I'm so excited to bring these to you.

The sea salt scrub provides gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. Detoxifying sea salt removes dry, dull flakes revealing healthy and radiant skin while shea butter and vitamin E lock in moisture.  The body butter is rich and packed with antioxidants. Made with cocoa and shea butters to hydrate the body leaving skin soft and supple; absorbs quickly and creates a natural moisture barrier.

Naples Hand Sanitizer Gel and Sprays contain 65% Ethyl alcohol which is effective in killing microorganisms (CDC recommends alcohol content at a minimum of 60%).  The gel contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and a little goes a long way.  The spray is also great for application to the skin and/or on communal surfaces acting as a disinfectant.  Both are scented with Lavender essential oil.  

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